Closed pull request Frzk/ansible-role-chrony#1
  • fix deprecation warning "Using tests as filters is deprecated"

Pushed to master at Frzk/Ellis
  • af2fdf4 Fixed customized_warning() signature to match what's waited by warnings.showwarning().
  • f502afc Removed useless "async" keyword from the __aiter__() method declaration.

Pushed to master at Frzk/Ellis
  • 03ae3ba Modified regular expressions so that they are now case insensitive.

Pushed to master at Frzk/ansible-role-nftables
  • 86c33c7 Added a 'validate' command after building the config file from templates.
  • a56229a Fixed another error in documentation : 'base' is not mandatory for a chain.
  • 060b6bb Fixed an error in sets template.

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