Pushed to master at Frzk/ansible-role-chrony
  • f5fa662 Added firsts tests with molecule and testinfra.
  • ecd1367 Updated Travis CI file.
  • b96f12e Fixed some var names.
  • 17886c6 Switch to 'package' module to install package.
  • c53394d Fixed a typo.
  • 8887b87 Modified 'yes' into 'true' so the linter doesn't complain.
  • adf1d55 Fixed a typo.
  • d246a2f Turned molecule's debug mode on.
  • 3998754 Fixed name of docker images to pull.
  • 30f1feb Fixed tests.
  • f35ea0b Fixed tests (2).
  • f03e52f Added Archlinux to the set of platforms on which the tests are run.
  • 4d78528 Cleaning up before merging into master.
  • a7dd468 Merge branch 'molecule'

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